Personal Property Insurance

Oh no! Your truck was in an accident and you lost some of your personal belongings. Personal Property Insurance provides coverage for your stuff when you are out on the road. 
If your truck is exclusively used for business purposes, you may face substantial personal risk, as many Homeowner's and Renter's policies exclude personal property. Additionally, varying coverage limits and deductibles may not provide adequate coverage for the replacement of your personal belongings in the event of a loss. 

Personal Property Insurance is designed to cover the special items you keep in your truck. The coverage provides replacement due to theft, accident or other causes - all covered by a deductible as low as $100.

Coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

  • Computers
  • CD Players
  • Cell Phones
  •  Multimedia (CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • Tools and Toolboxes
  • Tablets and Mobile Electronic Devices (smartphones, tablets, etc)
  • CB Radio
  • Television
  • Clothing

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