posted by on Monday, December 11, 2017

How the New Federal Tax Bill Impacts You

The recently passed House and Senate versions of federal tax reform legislation will dramatically alter the U.S. tax system.

To what extent the new system will impact our small business members and individuals is complicated, confusing and subject to final negotiations in Washington.

To help weed through the thousands of pages of legal language, our business partners at ATBS have prepared the attached document to summarize the relevant points for independent contractors and company drivers in the trucking industry. A few of the changes may warrant action before year-end to take advantage of potential tax law changes. Other areas will require a wait-and-see approach.

Once the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is final and signed into law, ATBS will be able to provide specific examples and dollar amounts of the changes and ramifications for our clients. In the meantime, if have any questions, please reach out ATBS at 1-888-640-4829 and let them know you are a TSA member.